Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hyderabad summer

Sensitive earth v/s powerful sun!
Heat waves are currently hitting Hyderabad’s atmosphere. The bad news is that this is just the beginning.
Temperatures are soaring above 400 Celsius. Most people are avoiding going outside in the afternoon as it could lead to sunstrokes. Businesses and shopping malls are vacant during the day time, and No more chaos on the road. Most of the business is done in the late evenings. Power cuts are inevitable (certain to happen). The total power generated in summer is expected to reach 35% in domestic use.
 This is adding more misery for the people. We are anticipating (be aware of) and increasing domestic use due to the use of air conditioners in summer. These products are in great demand.
 “We sold 20 0/0 more units of air cooling products this season than the previous year”, said Mr. Sam the manager (sales) of kajaj electronics a leading home appliances dealer.
Some city schools put students through grind of special classes. There is no summer respite (rest or relief from something difficult) for student. Despite (in spite of ) mercury touching 420 C. Some schools , instead of announcing summer vacations are still conducting special classes till the second week of May. The city sweated it out on Wednesday to record this summer’s highest temperature- 41.9OC. Meteorological  department officials attributed (caused by or reason) the raise in temperatures to dry northwesterly winds.
 They said that dry winds coming in from central India and passing over telangana region had led to the soaring heat. And according to met officials, chances are that the mercury will keep inching(move slowly and carefully) northwards with prediction (something that will happen in the future)being that this might even touch 420 C on Thursday.
Met department director said that the current temperature of three degrees above normal is not unusual for this time of the year and warned that relief may now be possible only upon advent of the monsoon. It is necessary to consume a lot of fluids like water, fresh fruit juices, coconut water etc. Excessive (too much) dehydration of skin has to be prevented by using mild water-based moisturizers which prevent further water loss from the skin.

a man with it's face in mathematical shapes

A boy with it’s face in mathematical shapes.
Once upon a time there lived a boy called jade. He was clever in math. Whenever he talked, it was always about math. He had beautiful, blue eyes, rosy lips, chubby cheeks etc.
One day, walking across the road suddenly, his face started to change. His ears became octagons, his eye browse was triangular and his mouth was filled with squares. Everything was very weird that time but jade, he was so happy. From that day, everyone called him the mathematician. Every day, he would to check the accounts of the shopkeepers.
He also did discussions with engineers, architects, for the measurements of the house. This village became a city and an article was written about jade. Because of jade’s enthusiasm the village was very proud of him.    

Monday, 14 May 2012

Using complex structures
Strolling across the road, I saw a mummy

*   Taking of my shoes, going for a bath, I remembered that I had millions of homework to do.

*   Working on the laptop, I wondered what was for lunch.

*   Swimming in the pool, I felt fresh.

*   Cleaning my bedroom, I had a call, of going to a party.

*   Opening my presents, I tripped over my skateboard.

*   Fighting with my friends, I got a headache.

*   Waking with my friend, I saw a planet called Pluto.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

power point presentation on kidney failiure

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

weird dream adventure

My Weirdest dream was the scariest dream. In cold, wavy night shallow water, rough wind as rough as a rocky mountain. I was strolling home from my tuition classes. I had lack of energy left in my body. My eyes were fluttering as if something was going to go very bad. My legs were shaking like someone shaking a bottle of milkshake. Suddenly I saw a bright gleam of light flashing in my eyes. Then I saw a person coming out of the blinding light. It was god! My hand was shivering my eyes were glowing as bright as sun. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I ran as if some person had 777,77,77,77,777 boosters at the back bone, as I saw beside me; god was in the same speed. I asked him to make me go in Harvard university and make me an astronaut .